The Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast Horse Riding Beach Trail

The Wild Coast Beach Trails are located in Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa, which is the home town of late South African President Nelson Mandela. Not only is this part of South Africa known for having birthed this world icon, but for also having some of the best views in the country. The Wild Coast has beautiful beachy sands, some enveloped in rolling hills of green landscapes shared with rocky mountain trails and cliffs just safe enough for some rock climbing activities and hiking tours. A Xhosa welcome can also be expected from the good humoured locals who love to share their culture.

What You Can Expect To Do

The Wild Coast horse riding beach trail is characterized by exploring the locations found close to the coast. Your guide will firstly pair you up with your horse according to riding experience, and then you will do a practice round so that the best trail for you, or your group if visiting as one, can be chosen. You can expect to see parts of rural Eastern Cape beginning from the Kei Mouth, and then to make stops in between where you can explore some of the deserted former homesteads, and then for you to complete your trail in the southern parts of the beach.

How To Book And Sites To See

The Wild Coast Beach Trails amongst the many activities offered in the location, is one of many you can take part in, in the Wild Coast. You can have hiking expeditions in the mountain trails and cliffs, and you can also do a cultural tour of the area, and then end it with a ferry ride in the Kei River. You can do bookings on the website, where you can also find promotional offers and packages available. The tours and trails are subject to weather, so it is good to plan ahead in order to make sure your trip is unaffected.