The Big 5 Safari Experience While Horseback Riding in Limpopo

The Big 5 Safari riding experience offers a combination of two adventure holiday experiences. These are close to South Africa’s Kruger National Park located in Limpopo. The Big 5 includes the lion, the rhino, the elephant, the leopard, and the buffalo. These animals are all notably included in the Big 5 for their power and prowess. They are naturally quite a sight to see. The added experience of seeing them on horseback with an experienced guide makes it one to revel in. The trail gives you an opportunity to take in the wildlife while improving a skill, or learning one.

What To Expect At The Safari

Horse riding at the Wait A Little Safari, you can expect a range of 3 safari options to choose from. You can take a trip spanning 6 days, 8 or 10. Your first day is a riding orientation around the camp to firstly give you some practice points. The next couple of days are similar, only that the third has your first sighting of the Big 5 with a Buffalo Project where you get to see them and later enjoy a night drive. The rest of the days are spent visiting the other members of the Big 5.

How To Book And Sites To See

You can book a visit to the lodge through the website which contains contact details such as telephone numbers, as well as email. Wait a Little also keeps a Fact Sheet which contains information about the best times of the year to visit, as well as things to note before visiting the lodge. There are a variety of trails to take and experiences to have all for different purposes. You can visit Beacon Rock which is a rock structured in such a way that there is a sleep out camp, while Clive’s camp has a gourmet meal treat from the in house chef.