An Excursion at the Luxurious Ants Reserve Holiday Destination

The Ant’s Reserve is located in the Waterberg area in Limpopo compromising of the widest range of fauna and flora in Africa, bushveld landscapes, as well as grass plains. The reserve has two locations known as Ants Hill, and Ants Nest which are the main lodges found on the reserve at different ends. The lodges are both build in classic reserve cottage style with thatched roof finishes and stoned walls. Both lodges cater for couples, families, as well as group travellers with a wide range of rooms which suit everyone, and both are within walking distance to the activities centre of the lodge.

What To Expect At Ants Reserve Horse Riding

Ants Reserve has a herd of 90 horses and over, and are quite popular for their game viewing experience offered to first time riders, as well as those experienced. They also have ponies for kids which makes a family day all inclusive. Your first day there, you are welcomed with a tour of the reserve, and can expect a practice run with the horses so you can be comfortable for the trip. What makes the herd of horses at Ants Reserve special is the fact that they sleep and graze in the bushes which makes them comfortable with the game when sightseeing.

How To Book And Sites To See

You can find booking information to Ants Reserve on their Waterberg website which includes contact information including telephone and email. The website also has information on how best to travel to the reserve especially when visiting from outside of South Africa. You can also find a range of other activities which you can include in your trip such as mountain biking, trail hikes, excursions around the Waterberg area. There is also a Spa, if you are looking for a relaxing finish to your day’s endeavors, as well as a library in the area filled with information on Waterberg, and its development.